Tiger In A Cage

Who knows what secrets are trapped, like caged tigers, behind our neighbours' doors? 
When Molly and Stan move into a new housing development, Molly becomes a one-woman social committee, throwing herself into a frantic round of communal do-gooding and pot-luck suppers. She is blinded to what goes on behind those respectable facades by her desire to make the neighbourhood, and the neighbours, into all she has dreamed, all she needs them to be. 
Twenty years later, Molly looks back on the ruin of the Combe Close years, at the waste and destruction wrought by the escaping tigers: adultery, betrayal, tragedy, desertion, death. But now Molly has her own guilty secret, her own pet tiger, and it is all she can do to keep it in its cage.

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Erudite, character-driven drama at its best. Allie Cresswell is a literary assassin. Just when you think you’re safe, the atmosphere and tension in her novels slips home like an undetected, whetted blade between the ribs.
Cresswell writes about commitment, fidelity, and the gap between public and private lives, as she lays out what we risk when our desires, behaviours, and values are shaped by social convention.

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