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A new collection of short stories, diary-entries, excerpts, articles and reviews.

In ‘Genesis’ a writer begins a new work from scratch. It is to be her signature work and the main character will go down as one of literature’s greatest. But the character has other ideas about the way the plot should go, and the writer has to decide whether to consign the whole manuscript to the bin or just let the story unfold. 
‘Being Mandy Broadhead’ is a memoire of the writer’s teenage years. The agony of being plain and not particularly popular crystallises into a fixation with the prettiest and most popular girl in her school. 
‘No-One Was Saved’ is the outworking of the lyrics of a popular song. Who was Eleanor Rigby and why did she collect rice from the church grounds? What was the face she kept in a jar, and who was it for? 
‘Moving’ includes excerpts from a diary written when the writer moved with her family from suburban Cheshire to rural Cumbria in 2000. 

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A wonderful excursion into a world of exquisite writing and acute observation of the intricacies of our human intercommunication.
Coruscating prose throughout, and if you feel in need of a rewarding read that entertains you with the oddities of the world we live in, this is as good as anything you can find.

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