Lost Boys

Kenny is AWOL on a protracted binge. Michael is a wanderer on the road to wild and unfrequented places. Teenager Matt is sucked into the murky underworld of a lawless estate. John is a recluse, Skinner is missing, Guy is hiding, Ryan doesn’t call. 
Then there is little Mikey, swept away by a river in spate. 
These are the lost boys and this is their story, told through the lives of the women they leave behind. Mikey's fall into the river sucks them all into the maelstrom of his fate; the waiting women, the boys lost beyond saving and the ones who find their way home. 
Lost Boys uses some disturbing, contemporary phenomena; an unprecedented drought, a catastrophic flash-flood, a riot, as well as the much more enduring context of a mother’s love for her son, to explore the ripples – and tsunamis – which one person’s crisis can send into another’s.

The stories are available individually under the titles Biscuits and Wee, The Other Boy, Stack of One and Loose Ends, or in this single volume, collectively entitled Lost Boys.

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Lost Boys will have you falling in love with language all over again.
Allie Cresswell has the ability to flesh-out all her characters into a reality that kept me totally engrossed right to the last page.

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