Game Show

It is November 1992 and in the suburbs of a Bosnian town a small family cowers in the basement of their shattered home. Over the next 48 hours Gustav, a 10 year old Bosnian Muslim boy, will watch his neighbours herded like animals through the streets, witness a brutal attack on his sister and be caught up in a bloody massacre perpetrated by soldiers who act with absolute impunity; their actions will have no come-back. The only way he can rationalize events is as ‘a game without rules. No-one was in control.’

Meanwhile in a nondescript British town preparations are being made for a cutting-edge TV game Show. It promises contestants dangerous excitement and radical self-discovery in a closed environment where action and consequence bear no relation to each other; the game has no rules, no structure and no-one is in control. ‘Game Show’ explores issues of personal identity, choices and individual accountability against a backdrop of a war that becomes a game and a game that becomes a war.

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All the strands are pulled tighter and tighter together then tied into a very satisfying knot, complete with bow, at the end.
A powerful, disturbing book.

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